The #IGBoston_Edit Challenge!

Are you a photo-edit wizard who can coax greatness out of a mediocre shot? That’s your mission in the #IGBoston_Edit Challenge!
Starting today, we challenge you to download and edit any (or all!) of the five above photos (which we scavenged from the camera rolls of our humble moderators)! 

[Click on the photo you want to download, and then save it to your device.]
Use any edit tool or technique you prefer: Snapseed, Photoshop, VSCOCam, you name it. Color splash the photo if you like. Make it black and white. Crop it brutally. Rotate it. Flip it. It’s totally up to you. The goal is to make the photo as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but the means you use to get there are wide open! 

You can edit and tag as many of the five shots as you wish, and even post different edits of the same shot. Be sure to tag all of your edits #igboston_edit
When you upload the edited photo to your feed, we suggest you include a caption such as, “This is my edit of a shot for the #IGBoston_Edit Challenge. The original photo is at”

The deadline for posting your #igboston_edit tagged photos is midnight, Monday, April 21, 2014. The IGBoston moderators will select the four best edits overall (it’s possible that all four could be edits of the same photo.) and announce the winners by Thursday, April 24, 2014. 
Anyone can enter! To be eligible for an award, you must follow @IGBoston.

Winners will be invited to demonstrate their editing technique at the upcoming IGBoston Edit Meet. (Details to be announced!)

Edits will be judged on their overall excellence, with special consideration given to originality and creativity. If you have any questions about the Edit Challenge, just email us at  Good luck and happy editing!
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